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Here you find our Studio Noos pre-order flow. You can place a pre-order and guarantee your new Studio Noos items. 

We would like to explain the terms and simple flow.

Pre-order Terms
  • For pre-orders we charge no small order fee. please use discount code NOFEE
  • The pre-order period will be your chance to place a pre-order and guarantee your new Studio Noos items.
  • We try to predict as good as possible the date when the (new) items will be in stock and ready to ship to you. No rights can be derived when shipment date is different than predicted. 
Pre-order Flow
  1. You will receive a mail with the link to this page where you can see and order the new items.
  2. You place your pre-order and directly pay the order.
  3. Once the products are in the warehouse, we will send your order and you will receive the track and trace.

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